Part-Time Receptionist

Here at Longevity we pride ourselves on professionalism, passion, and teamwork. Our positive and nurturing atmosphere makes coming to work a pleasure, with management focusing on therapist development, both professionally and personally. As a receptionist, your role would be to:

  • Man the front desk

  • Check clients in and out

  • Answer phone to schedule appointments and answer customer questions

  • Respond to emails

  • Man the sauna:

    • Get clients settled in there

    • Clean and reset after

  • Reset massage rooms between sessions

  • Wash and fold laundry

  • Take out trash

This position is currently filled but as we’re growing and expanding, the need for someone who can work 18-20 hours on weekends may be available in the future.


If you feel like this is something you can do and you’re interested in , send us your info!

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