What Teaching Taught Me

I have always been passionate about helping others and making people happy.   All through my life I have enjoyed sharing the knowledge that I have learned over the years, however basic or in depth that may be.   I knew even while I was attending massage therapy school that I wanted to be able to spread my passion for this profession with those entering in the field and I was so happy to be able to explore that desire to educate this year with Trident Technical College's massage therapy program.  At my practice, Longevity Wellness in Mt. Pleasant, SC,  I approach and plan my massage sessions therapeutically and very technically and chose to treat the body through my massage therapy training of origin, insertion, motion, and action, joining the team as the the clinical massage therapy instructor was the perfect fit for me.   In my few weeks I had to plan lessons, I became so excited about what I could share about therapeutic massage and how I could help these new students with their new adventure. 

Public speaking is not a strength or enjoyable for me, and even though my class was 11 students, the thought of leading a class, especially as a new teacher, for a 5 hour period was very intimidating.   After a few hours into my first class, my nerves subsided, and it was so rewarding to see the students absorb the information with an eagerness that I saw in myself.   Everything was so new to them and they were absorbing all my massage teachings!  They had questions, wanted to learn everything they could, explored the topics and the muscles that were taught.  The students loved the information I had to share and I loved keeping them on their toes as to what we were learning next.   My experience with my own studies and knowledge allowed me to bring techniques that I have learned through massage therapy and personal training that I forgot that I even knew!   Their newness to the profession ignited me to re-explore my past teachings, to revisit the skills I have learned, to use techniques in my tool box that have been stored away.   I found that I felt more passionate and in tune than ever when performing massage with my clients.  The day in and day out repetition was no longer on my mind, I am renewed and I have my students to thank for that.   

I have learned so much from them.  I realized that even when I decided to become a massage therapist, to opening my massage therapy business in Mt. Pleasant, to growing that business, and then to become a personal trainer and teacher, that I have constantly had to go outside my comfort zone and to put myself in situations that were scary, unfamiliar, and intimidating.   I saw that in these students as well when they entered into the next chapter in their lives, and it allowed me to connect with them and to reflect on my own accomplishments.