Finding the RIGHT massage therapist. Not as easy as you think!

 There are many different types of massage therapists out there was a variety of training and backgrounds. There are many types of clients out there with a variety of issues and preferences. Finding the perfect massage therapist to match what you are looking for can be a more difficult task than you think, and there is nothing worse than not receiving the service you were expecting.

At Longevity Wellness we are therapeutic massage therapy providers.   Our interests and training lie in massage for: sports performance, postural distortions, muscular imbalances and compensations, stretching, therapeutic massage, neuromuscular massage, trigger point therapy massage, joint restrictions through muscular imbalances, muscular nerve impingement, thai massage, cupping massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and medical massage.   We have a fit staff, involved in personal training, Pilates, competitive weightlifting, and yoga.   We use our bodies, constantly, and understand the importance of utilizing massage therapy to move more freely to increase performance, comfort during activities, flexibility and range of motion. 

We subscribe to the thinking that most of your muscular and joint pathologies can be solved through corrective exercise in strength and stabilization as well as a regular massage therapy and self care program.   Does your massage therapist know the kinetic body chains and how to follow the lines of movement to release any restrictions? The Longevity Wellness massage therapy staff does.   Do you want a massage therapist you can converse with about fitness and what you can add to that program to help advance in movement?  Longevity Wellness can help.   Do you want a massage therapist that is constantly trying to do better, know more about muscular treatments, AND ACTUALLY KNOWS THE BODY'S ANATOMY and action of the muscles? Come see us at Longevity Wellness Massage and Bodywork.   We are here to stay, smart, and passionate about helping you.