Lymphatic Draining? Infrared Sauna? Cupping? What I've Learned


Written by Alexa Roberts

All my life I have been health conscious but had no idea how much there was still to learn until I set foot in Longevity Wellness. For the past month, I have been a new employee here at Longevity working the front desk, booking appointments, learning about massages, and becoming a part of the team. Being constantly surrounded by therapists who are so knowledgeable about the body is an eye-opening experience to say the least. 

A huge factor that sets this business apart from other bodywork places is the professionalism and education that the therapists put forth each day. Every therapist is familiar with her client on a level that encourages growth and wellness. Not only are they licensed massage therapists but receive additional credentialing in techniques like lymphatic drainage, cupping, trigger point massage, Thai yoga and much more. 

I've learned that progress is a goal here. Before starting my job at Longevity, I thought massages were simply a way to relax. However, in addition to relaxation, massages reap many benefits. The team here is committed to working alongside clients' healthcare providers to ensure progress and growth towards whatever the goal may be. Take an example, the lymphatic drainage massage. I've learned that this type of massage is used to help guide lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes and in turn aids to dispel toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage is known to increase energy levels and promote weight loss. The ability to feel confident when discussing massage and techniques is a gift that Longevity Wellness has provided me with. 

One of my favorite aspects of this practice is the infrared sauna. Not only is it extremely relaxing, wonderful for sore muscles, and aids reducing stress, but the sauna works to improve skin tone and reduce acne, something I personally struggle with on occasion. As I look to the future and consider my position at Longevity, I am eager to learn about new techniques that the therapists are practicing. Currently, cupping is a buzz word here as the therapists train and I learn. It is exciting to learn alongside skilled therapists as they perfect techniques and add new ones to the wealth of knowledge we have here. 

Integrating myself into the health and wellness community through Longevity Wellness has forced me to reflect upon my preconceived notions on massage and address the actual facts behind it. I like to think of this first month as a point of origin in terms of my health and wellness knowledge. From this point, I am able to envision all that I will be learning about massage, the various systems in the body that massage touches upon- no pun intended, and the latest developments in the world of health and wellness.