The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

by Elise Morgan

essential oils

Essential oils may seem like the unicorn of the medical world. The essential oil industry’s list of

assets is vast, intriguing, and honestly – pretty confusing, leaving many of us asking, “Are these

plant extracts actually effective?” The answer that has repeatedly been proven through science

and research is “yes”.

Although the use of essential oils may sound new to us, they have actually been used for

thousands of years by our ancestors to enhance physical and mental well-being throughout

their daily lives. So how, exactly, can essential oils help you?

Here’s how:

1. Fight off sickness

Some essential oils like cinnamon and eucalyptus are known to help the body stimulate

the growth of white blood cells. This results in a boosted immune system and a healthier

psyche overall.

As an added bonus – if you’re already feeling sick, using a diffuser can increase the

needed humidity in the air to relieve your cough and sinus pressure.

2. Sleep better

Getting a good night’s rest is an essential part to our body’s health and wellness, but

sometimes a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. In fact, the CDC has reported that 1

in 3 Americans are not getting enough sleep at night, leading to researchers and other

professionals to turn to essential oils for support.

At the very basis of their usages, essential oils have relaxing properties that can help

almost any night owl get a good night’s sleep. Chamomile and lavender are the most

well-known for assisting us in our sleep, helping our mind and body start to relax and

wind-down for bed.

3. Safer than candles

If you love candles for the aromas that they give off but are worried about an open

flame in your home, essential oils may be a more suitable option for you.

With an essential oil diffuser, you can continue your aromatherapy practices while you

sleep without having your mind constantly worry about the potentially hazardous

situations that candles bring, such as burns, wax spills, or even having your pet knock it


4. Increase Your Energy

When we don’t wake up feeling refreshed, we often turn to (multiple) cups of coffee to

combat our lethargies. Oftentimes, this may not be the healthiest option for us, as

coffee can sometimes lead to headaches, a rise in blood pressure, and in some cases, an

increased risk of heart attacks.

To completely eliminate these effects from coffee, consider using essential oils that will

increase vitality and reduce fatigue. Some great essential oils for boosting energy are

peppermint, grapefruit and lemongrass.

If you haven’t yet hopped on the essential oil train, it’s not too late – the market size in the US

is valued at $3.36 billion and is only growing, with an expected growth rate of 9% from 2016 to

2024. If you’re looking for a technique that will leave you sleeping better, feeling more

energized, and is all-around safer than traditional methods, essential oils might just be the right

option for you.