Why Facial Skin Detox Is Important

by Krista Peterson, Marketing Outreach Coordinator, Longevity Wellness


First of all, what actually is skin detoxification? Well, it can technically encompass a broad scope of things including diet, exercise, and so on, but here, we’re specifically talking about the physical act of using tools and techniques to get the skin looking and feeling as radiant as it can be by ridding the body of toxins, decreasing fluid retention, and improving skin elasticity.

A common technique used in skin detoxification is the use of a jade roller. Jade rollers work to help de-puff and firm the skin, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation. Jade works especially well as it is a gemstone that is able to maintain a cooler temperature when it meets with warmer skin. A recent prevention.com article lines out some of the major ways this skin rejuvenation tool works:

“First, a quick primer on your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. Lymph fluid—a colorless fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells—makes its way to tissues all over your body, including your face. From there, a network of lymph vessels (connected to your lymph nodes, which attack toxins like bacteria and damaged cells) transports and drains the fluid into your blood.

“We do know that fluid tends to accumulate in the soft tissue of the face and around the eyes, which can worsen with allergies, rosacea, high blood pressure, and hormonal changes, and it can start to change the texture of the skin on the face if left there for prolonged periods of time,” Dr. Ilyas explains. “Aside from medications, the use of a jade roller to gently work this excess fluid back into the lymphatic system can help control the effects of this swelling.”

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